LinuxWorld's Joe Barr on Milestone 10

Wednesday October 27th, 1999

Joe Barr has a generally positive review of Milestone 10 over at Linuxworld.

Thanks to Joerg Beierle and "Anony Muss" for the news.

#4 Are all computer journalists stupid?

by Anon

Friday October 29th, 1999 3:23 AM

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> So why should he write about Mozilla without actually researching things first?

1. Laziness. Just follow what other journalists are writing.

2. Arrogance. 'I'm the journalist and I can write anything I care to - that's what I'm paid to do.'

3. Desire to whip up a storm, no matter how (un)true it is, to increase advertising sales and retain own job.

4. Bias. Against a non-GNU open source project and a commercial company.