LinuxWorld's Joe Barr on Milestone 10

Wednesday October 27th, 1999

Joe Barr has a generally positive review of Milestone 10 over at Linuxworld.

Thanks to Joerg Beierle and "Anony Muss" for the news.

#24 Why are you wasting so much flamethrower-gas?

by Anon

Friday November 5th, 1999 2:42 PM

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Why are you wasting him so bad?

I think the article is quite positive about Mozilla and before I read the talkbacks, I thought you guys would be quite HAPPY about it. (I was WRONG).

He says it's useable and it's developing quickly. That's TRUE.

I use Mozilla as my full-time browser right now, BTW. And I haven't even had a single crash so far. (Honest, although I haven't dared to try the cream on the top of the cake, yet!)