Next Developer Chat This Friday with Mike Pinkerton

Monday October 25th, 1999

Our next developer chat is this Friday with Mike Pinkerton at 3:00pm PDT (PDT is GMT-0700). Mike will be talking about "Mozilla and Mac - News, issues, and the 'Mozilla in the Mac' user-experience". We had a great chat last week, and this chat should be sure to touch on many of the issues important to Mac users (I'm sure it will be interesting for non-Mac users as well).

The chat will occur at #mozillazine on If you're not familiar with IRC, and would like to check out the chat, post a request here and I'm sure someone would be able to help you get your IRC client set up. Or, you can just wait for the chat log (which will appear here soon after the chat finishes).

#6 Question about building mozilla

by Anon

Tuesday October 26th, 1999 2:14 AM

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What does one need to build mozilla. I have an up to date Linux system with gcc-2.95.1 and glibc-2.1.2 and the latest binutils. I can get anything to work, except for mozilla. Some months ago it sometimes worked, but these weeks whenever I update my CVS copy and compile the whole bunch from scratch, and everything crashes right at startup. Seamonkey Tinderbox says it should be fine. Anyone with more success, please give some info about your system.