First Glimpse of New Skin for Mozilla!

Saturday October 23rd, 1999

A number of you may have seen newsgroup posts of a new "skin" coming to Mozilla shortly. The design team has been hard at work, and they are planning on landing the new skin early next week. We haven't heard if it will appear in the nightlies at that point, but we'll keep you posted.

Before we get to showing you the new skin, we'll warn you up front that it's not yet in a final state, and any glaring errors are probably being worked on at this very moment.

That said, we have a screenshot of the browser window, and a shot of the address book. Notice the curved ends of the splitter bars and how the address book's toolbar blends into the address list. Also of note is the search button inside the URL bar on the browser screenshot.

There's a lot to see here, and it's sorta hard to come to a conclusion from just a screenshot of in-process work, so I think I'll hold off judgement until I see a final polished version in action...

#94 New Skins?

by gerbilpower <>

Tuesday October 26th, 1999 12:40 PM

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Well we all want the browser ASAP but the skins are important, since XUL is an important part of Mozilla so we need new skins to test XUL to make sure it works properly and help get some documentation done on working with XUL based on creating these skins.

And the people working on Mozilla work on whatever they can. Some are experienced in certain departments and others have knownledge in other areas. There are the XUL people workin on the XUL/skins part of Mozilla and other people specializing in other areas that are working in those areas. You can't tell the people working on XUL to start diverting their efforts to other parts of the browser when they don't have the knowledge and experience in those areas.

Everyone is doing what they know and I'm as anxious as you are, Go Mozilla!