Log of Developer Chat Online

Friday October 22nd, 1999

The Developer Chat with Rick Gessner is now online.

It's an interesting read, so be sure to check it out. Our next chat is with Mike Pinkerton on Friday, October 29th at 3:00pm PST (PST is GMT-0800). We'll be talking about "Mozilla and Mac - News, issues, and the 'Mozilla in the Mac' user-experience".

#1 `Mozilla in the Mac' user experience ...

by Anon

Friday October 22nd, 1999 9:59 PM

Now *that* should be an interesting discussion.

Mac users tend to be more persnickety than users of other platforms about user experience. They expect menus, buttons etc to behave *just* so, and try as it might, XUL+CSS will not look and feel identical to the MacOS Toolbox.

And that's before we even mention following the setings defined by the Appearance Manager ...

I'm starting to wish I had IRC. :-)

-- mpt

PS: Chris, thanks for asking my question in the previous discussion (about UI for changing quirks/non-quirks mode).

#2 #Channel?

by Anon

Sunday October 24th, 1999 8:17 AM

Which channel do these chats take place in? #mozilla #mozillazine or some other?

#3 #mozillazine on (n/t)

by mozineAdmin

Sunday October 24th, 1999 9:08 AM

#4 Is the Pinkerton Mac chat log available yet?

by url

Saturday October 30th, 1999 5:02 PM

I missed it yesterday on irc, so I'm interested in catching up with this Friday's discussion log. :)