Web Standards Project - NGLayout Petition

Thursday September 24th, 1998

The guys over at the Web Standards Project have placed on their front page a petition asking for Netscape to delay their 5.0 release until NGLayout can be integrated.

I have already sent a letter to two of their officials, Chris Carrico and George Olsen, about my opinions on this issue.

However, instead of pushing my opinions on you, I'm asking you, the community of developers and users who read mozillaZine, what you think.

Knowing what you know about the state of Mozilla, its progress, and the work being done on the current layout engine and the NGLayout engine (which you can read about here or at, is the WSP's petition an informed, fair action or an uninformed, unfair one? Tell us all what you think by clicking "talkback" above.

#16 Re:Web Standards Project - NGLayout Petition

by Jerry Baker

Saturday September 26th, 1998 1:43 AM

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All this talk about how hard it is to wait for a new module to be finished with other programmers sitting on their bums. Well, as Netscape's market share continues to decline, I think 5.0 really represent the last hope for Netscape to recapture its former stature as leader of quality browser software and standards implementation. I think almost the whole 4.X series has been just e really big demonstration of buggy code making it into final release. If Netscape does not share the vision that many users have, that is that 5.0 will be a new chapter in Netscape development, then I think that they are destined to become a small bleep in the history of software companies.

Users do not always know that they want standards compliance, they just want it to work. They wonder why some frames pages look funny in Netscape but not in IE, and why some pages look better in IE than Netscape (CSS), and why pages created with FrontPage frequently crash Netscape (it dies with a lack of </table> tags), and on and on. This is due to some bad programming and lack of standards compliance. As long as Netscape continues to see the release date as more important than the release quality, then Netscape will remain a second-rate product.