Web Standards Project - NGLayout Petition

Thursday September 24th, 1998

The guys over at the Web Standards Project have placed on their front page a petition asking for Netscape to delay their 5.0 release until NGLayout can be integrated.

I have already sent a letter to two of their officials, Chris Carrico and George Olsen, about my opinions on this issue.

However, instead of pushing my opinions on you, I'm asking you, the community of developers and users who read mozillaZine, what you think.

Knowing what you know about the state of Mozilla, its progress, and the work being done on the current layout engine and the NGLayout engine (which you can read about here or at, is the WSP's petition an informed, fair action or an uninformed, unfair one? Tell us all what you think by clicking "talkback" above.

#14 Re:Web Standards Project - NGLayout Petition

by Chris Siegler <>

Friday September 25th, 1998 3:11 PM

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The WSP petition shows a real lack of understanding of how a large software project works. And as a user, not a web developer, I could care less about compliance with the standard, so long as things work.

It is tons of work to rewrite major sections of code from scratch. The easy part is getting running. That is where NGLayout is at. It has only been a matter of weeks that NGLayout could even compile under Unix with any ease. The hard part is yet to come: integrating the new layout engine into Mozilla. I'm not even convinced it'll even get that far. It seems more likely that certain aspects of the new code will get integrated into Mariner and that's it.

Which is OK by me, because the additions made to Mariner have really speeded things up, and will only get better as time goes by.