Web Standards Project - NGLayout Petition

Thursday September 24th, 1998

The guys over at the Web Standards Project have placed on their front page a petition asking for Netscape to delay their 5.0 release until NGLayout can be integrated.

I have already sent a letter to two of their officials, Chris Carrico and George Olsen, about my opinions on this issue.

However, instead of pushing my opinions on you, I'm asking you, the community of developers and users who read mozillaZine, what you think.

Knowing what you know about the state of Mozilla, its progress, and the work being done on the current layout engine and the NGLayout engine (which you can read about here or at, is the WSP's petition an informed, fair action or an uninformed, unfair one? Tell us all what you think by clicking "talkback" above.

#11 Re:Web Standards Project - NGLayout Petition

by Ulf Pettersson <>

Friday September 25th, 1998 3:01 AM

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The petition is very well informed. The state of the current 'Mariner' renderer in NN4 is so poor it costs web-developers around the world thousands of dollars to redesign or make them 'Netscape-bug-compliant'.

Sometimes it seems there is not one single mayor layout feature in Mariner that does not have serious bugs in it (compared to the W3C spec that even Netscape contributed to). Table-rendering is strange, frame-width is buggy (dependant on browser-window width!), css doesn't work right...

When you are building something that thousands of developers around the world totally depend on, you can't just throw in a slew of new featues to try to sell without making sure it works right. Supporting just parts of a standard is useless - all or there is no standard!

Netscape has little choice but make it right this time or developers may just not consider it worth the extra-effort to support navigator.