Three New Versions Of Developer Chat Log

Wednesday October 20th, 1999

Three readers have cleaned up the chat log and made it available to MZ. We now have Hervé Renault's version, Casey Perkins' version, and Derek Neighbors' version.

Not to make it into a contest or anything, but if there are features you prefer about these chats that you'd like incorporated into future chats, let us know.

Thanks to Hervé, Casey and Derek for their help.

#3 Casey's or Derek's

by briank

Thursday October 21st, 1999 2:59 AM

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Colours are good if you are reading from the screen or have a colour printer, but alas if you want to print out for future reference on a black and white printer.....

They are all nice though, but I would go for Casey's or Derek's version. That Lime green is a bit hard on the eyes though!