Next Developer Chat This Friday with Rick Gessner

Wednesday October 20th, 1999

Our next developer chat is this Friday at 3:00pm PDT (GMT -0700) with Rick Gessner, Chief Architect of NGLayout (the new rendering engine in Mozilla).

If you can't make the chat, but have some questions for Rick, post them here, and we'll try to get to them during the chat.

#1 Css1: 98%?

by leafdigital

Thursday October 21st, 1999 4:27 AM

One question, and if somebody here knows the answer already, then there's no need to ask Rick Gessner... :)

Q: Last I saw, CSS1 support was quoted as "98% apart from bugs"; is this actually accurate? If so what's the missing 2% and will it be added sometime?

(Note: I can't now find the page on that contains this figure, but it's there somewhere.)


#2 CSS2

by alex

Thursday October 21st, 1999 4:48 AM

I'd like to know what parts of CSS2 that are planned to be implemented in Netscape 5.

I'm also interested in what will be implemented after the 5.0 release, and when.

One of my pet parts of CSS2 is counters. Any plans on when they will be implemented.

#3 My question (since I can't access IRC)

by Anon

Thursday October 21st, 1999 7:36 AM

What user interface, if any, is planned to allow the user to switch between NGLayout's (1) strict and (2) backward-compatible HTML/CSS rendering modes?

-- mpt

#4 www developers interests

by Anon

Thursday October 21st, 1999 7:45 AM

I'd like to know if any web-developer features are planned for the browser, e.g. ability to constrain the browser window and also viewable page area to standard screen sizes like 640x480, 800x600 etc.

Perhaps emulation of various colour depths too??? IE5 provides an IE4 compatibility mode, what about Nav5->4?

Also, is holding back Nav 5 for CSS2 compliance an option, since it is recognised that constant upgrades aren't actually in anyone's interest since standards-ompliance becomes a serious issue.

#5 www developers interests

by Ben_Goodger

Thursday October 21st, 1999 11:45 PM

Sizing windows like that would be easy to do. I'd like to implement it in an add-on pack of some sort.

I don't know how hard colour depth emulation would be, sounds hard. Why not just switch on your computer? Its a hassle, I know :)

IE5's IE4 compatibility mode does not apply to Mozilla, as it does not have any problem coexisting with any version of Netscape, and Netscape has never had problems coexisting with previous versions of itself (at least in my experience).

As for CSS2, afaik, some of that stuff is kinda weird, like stylesheets for audio media/etc (? I'm probably wrong).. and hence not planned...

#7 Just to back you up....

by FrodoB

Friday October 22nd, 1999 7:57 AM

I would imagine color depth emulation to be exceedingly hard. For one thing, even if you could do it (and it's something much better left to the OS, IMHO), you still cannot be guaranteed accurate results, as a good deal of the differences in coloring between computers have to do with differences in video cards, monitors, and darkness/brightness and hue/saturation settings. No two Windows boxes set to the same color depth will render exactly the same (it'll be darn close, assuming a normal user, but there's usually at least one of the variables mentioned above that's not the same as the next system).

And yes, aural stylesheets are present in CSS2, and such things don't really make a lot of sense in a browser context (unless we get a text-reader hooked in; maybe then it would mean something). :)

#6 Next Developer Chat This Friday with Rick Gessner

by Anon

Friday October 22nd, 1999 5:33 AM

How fast will Gecko on Win32 be in December when compared with IE 5 ?