Tim O'Reilly on Mozilla

Wednesday October 20th, 1999

Derek Neighbors writes, "Tim O'Reilly's interview on Sendmail.Net has a positive spin on Mozilla."

I don't want to quote it all here, but Tim thinks that "the experiment is succeeding". A bit of positive news! Be sure to check it out.

#1 Err..What does he actually mean here?

by samig

Wednesday October 20th, 1999 3:25 PM

" What's important is that it's succeeding in unexpected ways ,perhaps not the ones that Netscape's management originally hoped, but significant nonetheless. " What did Netscape actually hope?And why is it different from what is here now?

#2 Good Lord that was great piece ...

by Anon

Friday October 22nd, 1999 11:18 PM

Tim O'Reilly is one articulate person. I have now read an interview about free software in which the word "dialectical" is used and the interviewee quotes Rilke. Thank you Tim and Eric for washing the residue of slashdot flames and stains from my mind ...

On Mozilla I think he's right. Excellent new open source tools like bugzilla and bonsai may not have been part of the original vision but are a great fringe benefit nonetheless. And beyond the browser itself the impact of XML/RDF/XUL/XP/Gecko is going to take a while to assess but the tools may certainly overshadow what they serve to build.