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Tuesday October 19th, 1999

Mike Shaver, Mozilla developer and evangelist, has written a response to Mike Cusumano's article at Computerworld. Click "Full Article" below to read Mike S's comments.

#6 Mike Shaver's Response to Computerworld Article

by thelem

Tuesday October 19th, 1999 5:05 PM

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MozAdmin - do you have any statistics you could make public about the browsers being used at Mozillazine? I think it would be quite interesting for everybody (preferably split by month over the past few months so we can see a pattern).

I for one was using an M11 build (18/10) all day yesterday, and I still would be if it would start up. Can anyone help here - it started when I tried loading loads of the other execuatbles to see what they do. Viewer.exe used to work but now crashes on launch, everything else just loads then quits. I have deleted the registry.

Thanks, Lemming