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Tuesday October 19th, 1999

Mike Shaver, Mozilla developer and evangelist, has written a response to Mike Cusumano's article at Computerworld. Click "Full Article" below to read Mike S's comments.

#5 Doing it right

by Anon

Tuesday October 19th, 1999 4:40 PM

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I think Mike S. had a good point when he mentioned the pride of getting things right.

I'm not involved in the mozilla codebase, but I am a developer. And the transparency of the mozilla process (ie, no corporate shields), combined with developer assurances that they want to do this the 'right way' convince me that when mozilla finally hits beta, it will be a good thing

btw, I'm on M10 and can't believe how sweet of an *alpha* product it is. I've seen worse betas in my lifetime, that's for sure...