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Tuesday October 19th, 1999

Mike Shaver, Mozilla developer and evangelist, has written a response to Mike Cusumano's article at Computerworld. Click "Full Article" below to read Mike S's comments.

#4 I hope the idiot read it

by Kovu <>

Tuesday October 19th, 1999 4:33 PM

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I get so ill of hearing the Mozilla death-knell no less than 2 (or so) months from beta time for a browser that will, and already is (developers are using it already) going to change the Internet (for the BETTER, I should specify) and how we see it.

It's really just the case of a journalist who A) isn't interested enough to get to the bottom himself or B) doesn't have time or C) is just plain lazy.

BTW, speaking of open-source, Eric Raymond, who helped convince Netscape to make Mozilla open, is part of an effort to convince Gateway to open source the Amiga OS. <http://www.savetheamiga.o…uk/html/casecontents.html> (Link sometimes works, sometimes doesn't)