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Tuesday October 19th, 1999

Mike Shaver, Mozilla developer and evangelist, has written a response to Mike Cusumano's article at Computerworld. Click "Full Article" below to read Mike S's comments.

#14 Doing It Right: Just be faster!

by Anon

Wednesday October 20th, 1999 4:36 AM

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The largest problem of Mozilla is IMHO the time it needs to get an beta/final version. In the meantime our friends at Redmond are defining the XML standards and are occupying the desktops with IE and XML developer guidelines. Also, they don't have any incentive to use Java 1.2 and Netscape isn't using it either. In the end, 1999 is a year of unchallanged M$ ruling of the Web Space and the future standards of the web. Sorry, but maybe a less than "right" version of Mozilla would be helpfull.