More Mozilla FUD - This Time From An MIT Professor

Monday October 18th, 1999

Mike Cusumano, co-author of "Competing on Internet Time: Lessons from Netscape and Its Battle with Microsoft" and professor at MIT's Sloan School of Business Management has an article at Computerworld titled "Mozilla gambit reveals risks of open sourcing". Just another in a long stream of Mozilla articles written by someone who doesn't seem to be too terribly interested in verifying his assumptions.

Thanks to Luddite for the news.

#32 I can't get to the site

by locka <>

Friday October 22nd, 1999 8:45 AM

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But I have been there before and I don't recall any updates being made after an initial flurry of activity following the release of the original Mozilla 5.0.

I think in all likelihood that Cryptozilla is a dead project.

Besides, most people don't want a vanilla Mozilla and a Crypto-zilla. Both should be one and the same.

Mozilla should have sufficient hooks that crypto can be added to the vanilla Mozilla simply by adding a few more DLLs to the components subdirectory. Then Netscape (and/or a international group of volunteers) can release the necessary binary DLLs that people can plug in to give security to the product. In the case of the international version, it's obviously necessary that the source be available too for inspection.