More Mozilla FUD - This Time From An MIT Professor

Monday October 18th, 1999

Mike Cusumano, co-author of "Competing on Internet Time: Lessons from Netscape and Its Battle with Microsoft" and professor at MIT's Sloan School of Business Management has an article at Computerworld titled "Mozilla gambit reveals risks of open sourcing". Just another in a long stream of Mozilla articles written by someone who doesn't seem to be too terribly interested in verifying his assumptions.

Thanks to Luddite for the news.


by Ben_Goodger

Tuesday October 19th, 1999 9:58 PM

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"non-Netscape contributors who idea's have less weight in the overall scheme."

I for one don't appreciate baseless comments. If these are, then you are very, very wrong. Please cite an example where anything that you have had to contribute has been rejected unreasonably. When I say unreasonable I mean your contribution fit the scope of the project (as opposed to adding a giant picture of an elk to the toolbar).

Mozilla has to fit certain guidelines, all hell cannot break loose. However, if you have zany ideas, for instance, you really want that giant elk picture, then feel free to create your own elkzilla.