More Mozilla FUD - This Time From An MIT Professor

Monday October 18th, 1999

Mike Cusumano, co-author of "Competing on Internet Time: Lessons from Netscape and Its Battle with Microsoft" and professor at MIT's Sloan School of Business Management has an article at Computerworld titled "Mozilla gambit reveals risks of open sourcing". Just another in a long stream of Mozilla articles written by someone who doesn't seem to be too terribly interested in verifying his assumptions.

Thanks to Luddite for the news.

#1 More Mozilla FUD - This Time From An MIT Professor

by dneighbors <>

Tuesday October 19th, 1999 7:41 AM

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I am not much of one for fueling the hype, but I find a few things interesting about this article.

1. Mr. Cusumano, works for MIT. Don't get me wrong but did Mr. Bill Gates not just pour several million dollars into this institution?

2. Mr. Cusumano is also the author of the following book:

"Microsoft Secrets : How the World's Most Powerful Software Company Creates Technology, Shapes Markets, and Manages People."

Now how would you know M$ secrets if you were not a M$ insider?

3. In the whole article there is no mention of Mozilla. When was the last time this chump took a look at Netscape on the OpenSource front?

Bottom line is that I think this guy is more than the mere ignorant journalist. (Which is usually the case) I think this guy actually purposely wants to make Netscape/Mozilla look like a mistake.

What do you think?

I think XUL is too cool for this fool!

-Derek Neighbors <>