France Telecom Switches to Communicator

Thursday October 14th, 1999

Jean-Luc Esser writes, "France Telecom - First French Telecom Company - switches to Netscape Communicator in all offices for their mail needs. Until then they were using IE! Way to go!!"

Great news! I'm not surprised they did this, and I would expect more companies (especially European companies) to make a similar move. IE5 is incredibly insecure; I can't imagine *any* company concerned with security wanting to standardize on it.

No URL for this news yet - let us know if you come across an article concerning the switch, and we'll post it here.

#7 France Telecom Switches to Communicator

by Anon

Sunday October 24th, 1999 8:12 AM

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Netscape is, as I think, the more secure and - generally - better product. On the other side, NS 4.7 is behind Microsoft in a few things: One of the most important is that Messenger can only host 1 POP3 account while Outlook can host a lot of them. As most of the existing problems will be fixed in Mozilla/Netscape 5, it's important to get a final release as soon as possible - else a lot of users will switch the other way round: from Netscape to MS - and we all don't want that to happen....