France Telecom Switches to Communicator

Thursday October 14th, 1999

Jean-Luc Esser writes, "France Telecom - First French Telecom Company - switches to Netscape Communicator in all offices for their mail needs. Until then they were using IE! Way to go!!"

Great news! I'm not surprised they did this, and I would expect more companies (especially European companies) to make a similar move. IE5 is incredibly insecure; I can't imagine *any* company concerned with security wanting to standardize on it.

No URL for this news yet - let us know if you come across an article concerning the switch, and we'll post it here.

#6 Corporate homogeneity

by Anon

Sunday October 17th, 1999 3:56 AM

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To me there is something bad about a homogeneous environment. If someone finds an exploit for program X and the company runs program X only, then there is a greater risk -- and black hat crackers who know this can do a lot more damage (to wit: see how the Melissa virus hit MS-only companies). Even if NS is a thousand times more secure, the point still applies. (Also, users might be happier if they could choose their favourite mail program.)

Of course, you might argue that switching from IE already makes the environment less homogeneous, since NS is not "integrated" with the other programs the way IE is (disclaimer: I have never used IE, and almost never use Windows, so I don't know what I'm talking about :-)

On our numerous Windows machines, the students can choose freely between NS and IE. Personally I use both NS and lynx for web browsing, but MH for mail. (I was even luckier: I could choose which OS to run!! Hehe.)

--jgj (<>)