France Telecom Switches to Communicator

Thursday October 14th, 1999

Jean-Luc Esser writes, "France Telecom - First French Telecom Company - switches to Netscape Communicator in all offices for their mail needs. Until then they were using IE! Way to go!!"

Great news! I'm not surprised they did this, and I would expect more companies (especially European companies) to make a similar move. IE5 is incredibly insecure; I can't imagine *any* company concerned with security wanting to standardize on it.

No URL for this news yet - let us know if you come across an article concerning the switch, and we'll post it here.

#5 Ok, fine, yes....

by Anon

Friday October 15th, 1999 11:56 AM

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I've heard these three groups of "hackers" described as White Hat (the ones that break security so that it can be improved in the future), Black Hat (the ones who break security so that they can do evil things with our files), and Munchkins (the ones who break security because it's fun).

I think there were more classifications in whatever source I got these from, but I can't remember where that was. I'm fairly sure that it wasn't just an elaborate joke on Red Hat Linux...