ZDNet on AOL/Mozilla

Thursday October 14th, 1999

Tony Gorman has this news:

"ZDNet's Devhead column has a very positive article ["America Online: A Web Developer's Best Friend. Can AOL Adapt?"] on Mozilla and standards support. It starts of with a no holds barred swipe at Netscape which - in my opinion - is almost entirely accurate and consequently deserved. It then moves on to talk about Mozilla in perhaps the most positive terms I have ever read. It talks about the XUL initiative as being revolutionary and praises the efforts to make the lizard "almost flawless" in its support for standards. While the point it is making is to do with AOL's attempts to adapt to the market, it raises Mozilla's role in this to being central, which can only be a good thing."

#7 Silence is golden...

by Anon

Friday October 15th, 1999 11:48 AM

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Don't fret about people not knowing about Mozilla. Basically... NS/AOL have HAD to let the market share drop if they wanted any chance at winning the case... they know that with one flip of the switch (figuratively) they can add 17+ million to the browser numbers by switching AOL to Com5/Mozilla... If anyone believes that AOL doesn't have a version of its package running with a prototype Mozilla browser in it... you're very naive. Steve Case is a smart man in terms of how to make and hold a market. Just like Bill Gates in a lot of ways. The sole purpose for him buying Netscape is to get rid of AOL's reliance on Netscape, after getting "jacked" for putting AOL on the Win95/98 desktop. Mark my words... when the trial is over... amazingly AOL 6 will appear... and the browser will have an AOL skin on it... but be all Mozilla/Com 5.

yes... 2000 will be THE pivotal year in the young life of this extrodinary communications medium.