ZDNet on AOL/Mozilla

Thursday October 14th, 1999

Tony Gorman has this news:

"ZDNet's Devhead column has a very positive article ["America Online: A Web Developer's Best Friend. Can AOL Adapt?"] on Mozilla and standards support. It starts of with a no holds barred swipe at Netscape which - in my opinion - is almost entirely accurate and consequently deserved. It then moves on to talk about Mozilla in perhaps the most positive terms I have ever read. It talks about the XUL initiative as being revolutionary and praises the efforts to make the lizard "almost flawless" in its support for standards. While the point it is making is to do with AOL's attempts to adapt to the market, it raises Mozilla's role in this to being central, which can only be a good thing."

#2 ZDNet on AOL/Mozilla

by bmetzler <>

Thursday October 14th, 1999 10:21 AM

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<< I mean, mozilla, in any form, will always have a strong techie/non-MSOS following, so the browser will always be around, but to anounce that they've got a giant-killer waiting in the wings might be used as fodder for the MS lawyers... >>

Seeing how MS argued that Linux was going to destroy them if they didn't stay "competitive", and now that the base is basically over, they post a page saying that Linux doesn't even come close to providing the power of NT, I'd say you're right.

By hyping Mozilla, they'd have just helped Microsoft, and basically ended up obstructing justice, in a manner of speaking. However, now that the case is over, and Mozilla is nearing completion, I think we'll start hearing a lot more about Mozilla.