Be sure to Follow Bug Reporting Guidelines

Wednesday October 13th, 1999

Eli Goldberg of the Mozilla QA team has a request for everyone submitting bugs for M10:

"While a number of these bug reports have been fantastic, we're seeing a lot of new bug reporters who haven't yet learned how to submit Good Mozilla Bugs. Correspondingly, easily 20% of them have been tossed out as INVALID or WORKSFORME on the spot. (!) Almost none of the M10 bugs have followed the Bug Writing Guidelines, or used the Bug Template. In some cases, the bugs turned out to be valid --- but we didn't know, since the reporter didn't provide sufficient clues for an investigation."

Also be sure to check out the "Most Frequent Bugs" page before submitting a bug. Duplicate bugs need to be weeded out by the QA team - time that could be much better spent.

#1 Unlikely.

by MattyT <>

Wednesday October 13th, 1999 7:59 PM

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I think you're preaching to the converted. While I don't use the template, I generally consider everything in it.

This is mainly due to new people who just want to submit bugs and don't want too much hassle. When they realise they don't get handled, they will change, but then a new group of people come along.

In my opinion bad bug reports could be reduced though, for example with such a simple thing as changing the warning in enter_bug.cgi to bold, and emphasising that this gets results quicker, on that page. When I've said something similar before noone seemed interested.

The people can either complain and nothing will change or keep trying to improve the situation at the point of the problem.