M10 for OpenVMS

Tuesday October 12th, 1999

Robert J. Slover wrote in yesterday with news of an OpenVMS version of Milestone 10. Unfortunately I couldn't verify the link, so I decided to wait until I could. I still can't get through to the website today, but maybe you can. Click here to visit Maybe you'll have better luck.

#5 Feb 15th 2000??

by FrodoB

Thursday October 14th, 1999 12:55 PM

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I would doubt this is the reason for that, though.... It's probably a strategic move on the part of Microsoft to avoid Y2K issues (if you ship your flagship product two months before Y2K and there are Y2K issues, you're up a creek with less than no paddle; you don't even have lungs). Can't say that I would blame them; companies probably wouldn't adopt it until after January 1st anyway, because of the possible ramifications (the allegedly Y2K-compliant Win98 shipped with some pretty big outstanding issues with compliance that MS didn't catch before shipping; if that happened with their flagship server OS, they'd be beaten, bloodied, and tortured back to the Stone Age).