M10 for OpenVMS

Tuesday October 12th, 1999

Robert J. Slover wrote in yesterday with news of an OpenVMS version of Milestone 10. Unfortunately I couldn't verify the link, so I decided to wait until I could. I still can't get through to the website today, but maybe you can. Click here to visit Maybe you'll have better luck.

#1 Feb 15th 2000??

by jedbro

Wednesday October 13th, 1999 8:37 PM

Some interesting information, nice to see that Compaq is jumping on the Mozilla wagon!

<i>"According to the latest schedule, M12 is planned as a Developer Beta release and is expected around December 15, 1999. The following Mozilla baselevel, M13, is scheduled to be the first Public Beta release and is targeted for February 15, 2000."</i>

Feb 2k, sooner that I thought actually. Can't wait until December though. Although I think many will be dissapointed as "rumors" had it that beta was was set for this time, not the "Developer Beta release".

Nice job, Compaq and Mozilla!

#4 Feb 15th 2000??

by arielb

Thursday October 14th, 1999 11:52 AM

Interestingly, Microsoft decided to delay Win2K (which integrates IE) to February as well.

#5 Feb 15th 2000??

by FrodoB

Thursday October 14th, 1999 12:55 PM

I would doubt this is the reason for that, though.... It's probably a strategic move on the part of Microsoft to avoid Y2K issues (if you ship your flagship product two months before Y2K and there are Y2K issues, you're up a creek with less than no paddle; you don't even have lungs). Can't say that I would blame them; companies probably wouldn't adopt it until after January 1st anyway, because of the possible ramifications (the allegedly Y2K-compliant Win98 shipped with some pretty big outstanding issues with compliance that MS didn't catch before shipping; if that happened with their flagship server OS, they'd be beaten, bloodied, and tortured back to the Stone Age).

#2 AOL Communicator 5.0?

by punkrider

Wednesday October 13th, 1999 8:47 PM

"America Online, which acquired Netscape Communications, plans to commercialize this browser, add additional proprietary features, and release it as AOL Communicator V5."

Does this mean that the next "Netscape Navigator" is going to have "Check your AOL mail" and "Keyword" buttons included along with the already annoying "Shopping" button??

Please say no. Please.

#3 You can turn off Shopping

by leafdigital

Thursday October 14th, 1999 6:39 AM

see the release notes... now if only you could turn off "my netscape" and "search" (if you can... somebody tell me :)

(Btw, for those who don't know, of course Mozilla should have configurable chrome, which means among other things that it will be possible at least for the technologically-advanced to remove all buttons that you don't like.)


#6 You can turn off Shopping

by Anon

Friday October 15th, 1999 4:46 PM

You can:


Netscape*toolBar.myshopping.isEnabled: false

Netscape*toolBar.destinations.isEnabled: false

Netscape*toolBar.viewSecurity.isEnabled: false