Nokia/Intel's New Set-top and Mozilla

Tuesday October 12th, 1999

The set-top boxes due next year from a new Nokia/Intel venture will run Linux as their core OS, and Mozilla as their browser.

You can read more news in this CNet article, or this article at The Register.

Nokia has thrown its weight behind MHP (Multimedia Home Platform), an open, Java-based standard for set-top boxes, meant to be OS-agnostic. Sony, Philips and Panasonic have also put backing behind the MHP standard.

This is the second piece we've had regarding Nokia and Mozilla. If you recall, Nokia used Mozilla in their tech demo of "MediaScreen".

Thanks to Jedbro and Asa for the news.

#4 problem with java

by Anon

Tuesday October 12th, 1999 12:37 PM

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sun does have a problem with java for linux. Their compiler is slow. So use jikes. Its the runtime that we need for linux. I haven't used kaffe or anything by cygnus yet so I don't know.