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Tuesday September 22nd, 1998

We have for you a great update on the status of Composer (a subject many of you feel strongly about). Here's Jason...

"More Clinton papers? No! Finally, a good look at what's happening in Composer, stemming from the 'question of the week' about Composer. Read on for the skinny!"

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by Victor Bogado da Silva Lins <>

Wednesday September 23rd, 1998 9:21 AM

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CCS!!! NOW! :-)

The table stuff is cool, and I didnīt noticed any problem.

But I heard that micrsoft is moving their ofice pack (MS Ofice) into a HTML centric style. What this means? that the .doc format that word will create will be html by default. So if we have a composer that is as easu to use and general (this means CCS, and who knows a JS integration??) we could have a office suite compatible(?) with the MS one.

This is good new not only to netscape but to linux also.

If we could enable DOM into the composer one could create a spread-sheet with the composer, just imagine the formulas as javascript.

With a dhtml module it could easily create presentations. All we need is a few js functions and CSS.

Add to the suite a nice integration with existing image edition apps (gimp in unix) and possibly a new one for editing flash (witch is a open format now) and shazam a compleate free office suite. I go for that.