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Tuesday September 22nd, 1998

We have for you a great update on the status of Composer (a subject many of you feel strongly about). Here's Jason...

"More Clinton papers? No! Finally, a good look at what's happening in Composer, stemming from the 'question of the week' about Composer. Read on for the skinny!"

#1 Re:An Update on Composer

by Neil Corlett

Wednesday September 23rd, 1998 6:03 AM

sigh... nothing on CSS. i'll be patient until the integration of nglayout then.

#2 Re:An Update on Composer

by Victor Bogado da Silva Lins

Wednesday September 23rd, 1998 9:21 AM

CCS!!! NOW! :-)

The table stuff is cool, and I didnĀ“t noticed any problem.

But I heard that micrsoft is moving their ofice pack (MS Ofice) into a HTML centric style. What this means? that the .doc format that word will create will be html by default. So if we have a composer that is as easu to use and general (this means CCS, and who knows a JS integration??) we could have a office suite compatible(?) with the MS one.

This is good new not only to netscape but to linux also.

If we could enable DOM into the composer one could create a spread-sheet with the composer, just imagine the formulas as javascript.

With a dhtml module it could easily create presentations. All we need is a few js functions and CSS.

Add to the suite a nice integration with existing image edition apps (gimp in unix) and possibly a new one for editing flash (witch is a open format now) and shazam a compleate free office suite. I go for that.

#3 Continued Work

by Joshua Go

Saturday September 26th, 1998 11:12 AM

I'm glad it's still being worked on. The ideas about it becoming a word processor on the other article's thread is a good idea, IMHO. It was really easy to use Composer to create a simple page, and a lot of the word processor functionality is already in there. Heck, I'd be happy with just Composer having the ability to open and save other WP file formats.

I'm wondering about something, though. Why is work being continued on Composer? Hack value? I didn't get the impression that a lot of people wanted to keep it. I'm not complaining, of course. :-)

#4 Re:An Update on Composer

by Adam Masri

Saturday September 26th, 1998 7:02 PM

I hope mozilla/Netscape continue to include and improve Communicator. I find it an AMAZINGLY useful addition to Communicator! For example, I use Macintosh and SGI IRIX. My clients and developers work with Mac, Windows and UNIX. Communicator allows me to write documents, such as a project summary, that can be viewed by all these different people. More importantly, each of them can edit the document as well. This allows all of us to include our notes and improve the spec easily where everyone can read it.

Of course, this brings up an additional feature I'd love to see-- including a built-in revision control system, so previous versions could still be looked at without destroying the originals...

Sorry I'm asking for more features when you all want to see it dropped. :)

- Adam

#5 Re:An Update on Composer

by Adam Masri

Sunday September 27th, 1998 11:06 PM

Of course, I meant "Composer." I guess that's what happens when you type tired.

- Adam

#6 Re:An Update on Composer

by Greg Hayes

Tuesday September 29th, 1998 7:58 PM

Any work being done to integrate frames and layers into composer?