Two Pieces on Mozilla Press Coverage

Sunday October 10th, 1999

Kelly McNeill writes, "osOpinion has an enlightening editorial piece expanding upon Time Digital article entitled 'Whatever Happened to Netscape 5.0?' Here's a quote from their piece: 'It's quite an extraordinary thing when a major media outlet publishes an article that manages to get every single fact wrong. It appears that Time digital has made the extraordinary happen. This article condemns Netscape for not releasing a version 5.0 browser this year. Furthermore, it attempts to blame the Mozilla Project for the delay. Anyone that has taken the time to follow the history of Mozilla knows how outrageous these assertions are.'"

Also, we have a new reader review by David Santiago that addresses some of the misconceptions in Mozilla's press coverage.

#3 Total agreement

by Anon

Wednesday October 13th, 1999 6:54 AM

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I have seen hardly any Netscape efforts to promote Mozilla/Netscape, and the techie-talk on may be comprehensible to developers, but not to the common public.

If Mozilla is groundbreaking, it's about time Netscape/Mozilla went ahead to promote their new product, especially now that the nightly builds/milestones are becoming inceasingly stable.

And even though the Mozilla beta might be out before the Netscape one, it might be a good idea to go ahead with a good press release, explaining what's good, new and ground-breaking about Mozilla, elaborate on the possibilities for the future, some basic open source explaining, and the reason why they wrote the thing from scratch. And add some reviews and a recent stable Mozilla build, too.

When Netscape first announced the fact that they were open-sourcing Navigator, they got pretty good press coverage, and there wasn't even a product then! I don't think telling the world about Mozilla would lead to an embarassment at this stage of the project. I'm sure there are plenty of companies and individuals who'd be highly interested in the Second Coming of Netscape.