M10 Out! You Thought They Skipped It?

Friday October 8th, 1999

Well, the plan was that they were going to skip an M10 build and go straight to M11. However, they decided that to reach beta they needed a bit more time (which is why beta is now scheduled for around 12/15/99), so they're spinning an M10 build to help with regression checking.

Be sure to check out the first Milestone appearance of the DOM Viewer (Debug>DOM Viewer) which allows you to see the DOM tree for a page. Also, if you haven't checked out Mozilla since M9, go back through our archives and you'll find news on new functionality that you can try for yourself.

So, go get M10 for Win32, Mac, or Linux from the Mozilla FTP site. If you mirror it, let us know so we can post your mirror here. In the meantime, you can read the M10 release notes.

BTW, proxies do work. Check out the comments at the bottom of this bug page to see how...

Also, we'd love to see some reader assessments of M10. Submit them in our Reader Reviews and we'll post them. Your review can be as long or short as you desire, but if it's around 500 words, you're 1/5th of the way towards a stuffed Mozilla. You don't have to use the entire 500 words on just M10 - you can give us your feelings about how far Mozilla has come, what you hope to see at beta, at release, etc. The Reviews section is for you all to have a place for your opinions, whenever you feel the urge to say something. It'll always be there if you feel the need to rant or rave...

UPDATE: If you are having trouble getting M10 to start in Windows, try deleting the mozregistry.dat file in your C:\windows directory.

We have two reviews of M10 for you to check out. Click the links in the box at the top of the page, or get to them visiting the Reader Reviews area (there's a link in the navbar at left).

#10 You're a lazy ass.

by Anon

Saturday October 9th, 1999 7:47 AM

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Ok Mr. Buttmunch, what exactly have YOU contributed to of late? Can you name anything that YOU'VE done other than sit and jockey your mouse? Do us all a favour and turn your computer off. Go take a walk and find another hobby.

It's really EASY, isn't it Mr Lazy Ass, to sit back and criticise the work of volounteers while you contribute absolutely ZILCH.

Yeah I know this idiot is probably a troller...or probably not. Every free software project out there gets hecklers like this. I have no doubt that there are really lazy ass morons like this out there who have breezed in from the Windows world where it's "just fine" to criticize everything, because it's always been given to you on a silver Microsoft platter.