TIME Regurgitates CNet Article

Friday October 8th, 1999

Daniel Hill writes, "Another negative Mozilla/Netscape article, [this one] from TIME, [which] looks as if it has been taken straight from CNet's article. It also takes shots at Open Source software, with lines like ', Netscape's pioneering experiment with open source software ... which has yet to prove a substitute for on-staff programming talent.' Obviously Mr Wice hasn't touched Linux ..."

#6 Who says AOL is screwing with it?

by Anon

Friday October 8th, 1999 12:08 PM

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The developers are not involved with instant messaging the only Mozilla involvement with IM is the THIRD PARTY jabber work and the THIRD PARTY IRC client.

If AOL are integrating AIM with Mozilla then they've employed some coders to add this feature that are not part of If you follow the progress on you'll know that they have no part of IM that's all to third party addons or AOL to integrate themselves.

Don't believe the press most of the time.