IE/Netscape Stats from Zvon

Thursday October 7th, 1999

Miloslav Nic writes, "I have an anecdotal evidence about the ratio of Netscape and IE advanced users. If you look at the October statistics of the Zvon tutorials : XSL, XML, CSS, Perl it gives the ratio Netscape 58 : IE 42. These tutorials are used by people who are interested in the newest web developments and who are therefore more picky about the browser they use than an average user. So even today's Netscape 4 is preferred by many power users to IE5. And NC4 is definitively not a software pearl. If Mozilla 5 is out with full CSS, HTML 4, XML, DOM and XSLT compatibility and with reasonable size then IE is in a big trouble."

If you think that's a good percentage, you should see the stats from MozillaZine! :-)

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by gerbilpower <>

Friday October 8th, 1999 11:00 AM

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I do have my share of complaints about Netscape 4.x, especially being a web designer, but I can't see how it is so unusable.

IE5 crashes quite often on my computer, much more so than Netscape, that alone makes Netscape more usable to me.

Although Netscape 4.x has crummy CSS support and with other standards as well, it's workable and I've been able to create fairly complex and degradable layouts using the limit options I have with it that looks just about the same (not exactly but it's more than good enough for the work I do) on IE5 and Mozilla. I just can't wait for a final product from Mozilla so I can take my design further.

Plus on thing I've really enjoyed about Netscape is that a page on a PC will pretty much look the same on the Mac (except the font sizes, which isn't so bad a thing if done correctly). I've had so much trouble with getting some complex things to look the same on IE on both Macs and PCs because the inconsistency between them. In fact my last freelance job was to handle those inconsistencies.

Then again I've had a share of problems with Netscape as well, just to be fair.

Well most people do use a mouse so it isn't that big of a deal but better keyboard support would be really nice since I'm a hot-key person :)

With the project you were in you had trouble with Netscape but with the things I do I'm quite happy with it. But we'll be all so much happier once we have Netscape 5.

BTW, the thing about the version number: eventhough Mozilla hasn't released a finalized product Netscape 5 would be appropriate because Netscape is going to use Mozilla's work to put together the next version of Netscape, which is after version 4.