IE/Netscape Stats from Zvon

Thursday October 7th, 1999

Miloslav Nic writes, "I have an anecdotal evidence about the ratio of Netscape and IE advanced users. If you look at the October statistics of the Zvon tutorials : XSL, XML, CSS, Perl it gives the ratio Netscape 58 : IE 42. These tutorials are used by people who are interested in the newest web developments and who are therefore more picky about the browser they use than an average user. So even today's Netscape 4 is preferred by many power users to IE5. And NC4 is definitively not a software pearl. If Mozilla 5 is out with full CSS, HTML 4, XML, DOM and XSLT compatibility and with reasonable size then IE is in a big trouble."

If you think that's a good percentage, you should see the stats from MozillaZine! :-)

#6 Mindblowing...

by Anon

Friday October 8th, 1999 9:55 AM

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I am consistently amazed that people rate netscape 4.x as a useable piece of software. Impossible to use without a mouse, zero to negative support for standards such as HTML and CSS (among others).


I have been using Mozilla since milestone 4 and yes it is promising. However, there is still an absolute disregard for people wo consider a mouse an optional extra.

I find it incredible that people can utter goodness about netscape 4.x. I worked on a project that implemented 128bit SSL in Australia using SGC. Netscape proved to be in 1997 almost unworkable and things havent changed in 1999.

Intersesting all the Microsoft bashing that goes on in this forum about releases and version numbers - how does open source software without previous release go to version 5?

Please explain,