IE/Netscape Stats from Zvon

Thursday October 7th, 1999

Miloslav Nic writes, "I have an anecdotal evidence about the ratio of Netscape and IE advanced users. If you look at the October statistics of the Zvon tutorials : XSL, XML, CSS, Perl it gives the ratio Netscape 58 : IE 42. These tutorials are used by people who are interested in the newest web developments and who are therefore more picky about the browser they use than an average user. So even today's Netscape 4 is preferred by many power users to IE5. And NC4 is definitively not a software pearl. If Mozilla 5 is out with full CSS, HTML 4, XML, DOM and XSLT compatibility and with reasonable size then IE is in a big trouble."

If you think that's a good percentage, you should see the stats from MozillaZine! :-)

#12 Perl <-> unix, IE <- win32

by Anon

Saturday October 9th, 1999 3:55 AM

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I'd venture to guess that most of the perl users are using unix, and since there is no usable IE for unix...

Yes, I know perl/NT is fairly popular, but I'd tend to imagine that perl-mentality and unix-mentality are pretty close together. Of course, I'm sure there are also plenty of perl/unix folks who use IE as a browser and vi as an IDE, too.

Personally, although I am pretty virulently anti-M$ in spirit, I've been forced to admit that IE 5 beats out NS 4.x in terms of usability (and just plain nice-lookingness). The moment NS releases a 4.x browser that takes an enter key as "submit" whilst an input box has the focus, I'll go back to it. Alas, IE 5 also starts much faster, too (on win 98) -- as a developer I realize that this is the result of terrible dirty tricks on the M$ side of things (not needing to load in the full browser since it's integrated into the GUI interface), but dang if these kinds of dirty tricks don't shave several seconds off of the startup time of IE. I am eagerly awaiting mozilla X.YbZ; in the meantime I'll keep using IE 5 on my win32 platforms. (I really like the idea of Opera [except for the part where you have to pay for it], but it's done nothing but hang in the last few versions I've tried.)

On the plus side, NS 4.7 seems moderately more stable and speedy than its successors, barring 4.0x, and NS obviously still has enough of a market share to make the majority of pages adhere to the LCD of both browsers.

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