Vote For Your Favorite Bugs!

Thursday October 7th, 1999

Have a Mozilla bug that you really want fixed? You can now vote for your most important bugs, and the Mozilla managers will tally the votes. (We don't have more information about what will occur with the totalled votes, but we assume the bugs will the highest votes will be given a higher priority).

Click here to read more about it, and then visit Bugzilla to cast your vote.

#1 Select All

by Anon

Thursday October 7th, 1999 6:51 PM

Where's the select all?

I want them all fixed!

#2 residual style

by Anon

Thursday October 7th, 1999 7:07 PM

Vote for bug 991 please.

...why? Well it makes all sorts of pages (mozillazine included) look like crap! ...thanks! :-)

#4 What about this one?

by Anon

Friday October 8th, 1999 2:30 AM

This bug: (11061) is a rather strange problem with the way tags are positioned on the page. Visit this site with Mozilla and then with Netscape or IE and you'll see what I mean (look at the small Guardian and Observer logos on the page)

#3 Vote For Your

by MattyT

Thursday October 7th, 1999 9:43 PM

I'm still shocked that one of my Bugzilla RFEs got implemented (bug #11223).

Now all we need are general summary reports (bug #12282) and then we can view the top 10!

#5 Scrollbars and wheelmice

by Anon

Friday October 8th, 1999 3:25 AM

I don't know if there's already a bug reported for it but what really annoys me is the crss platform scrollbars that appear in some items in the sidebar and not others (the cross platform scrollbars are the ones that have the three horizontal lines in the middle of them). As well as making the sidebar look ugly as some scrollbars are thwe OS specific ones and others are the cross platform ones) it also means that my whellmouse doesn't work as expected in these areas).

As more and more people are using these wheelmice then I think this is rather an important bug.

#6 There are bug reports

by asa

Friday October 8th, 1999 8:07 AM

I don't have the numbers but bugs have been reported. I'm sure you could look them up if you wanted to 'vote' for them.

#7 But....

by FrodoB

Friday October 8th, 1999 8:19 AM

There's been talk on the newsgroups that all XP scrollbar issues are being deferred to post-beta 1 (they'll be dealt with before the final release, obviously, but there are bigger fish to fry right now), so voting for this may be a moot point.

#8 It's not a bug, it's a feature!

by dan

Friday October 15th, 1999 10:08 AM

Re Bug 991, it can be argued that Mozilla's current (non)support is actually correct. By the specs, it's invalid to put block-level elements within character-level ones. As something of a "purist" myself, I wouldn't mind seeing some of the "presentationalist" pages created with invalid HTML by designers who arrogantly say "Well, the browsers support it, so I don't care what the standards say!" start breaking in a new browser that supports the standards better. If designers have to fix all their pages, it might teach them to follow the specs better.

As for what "bugs" I'd like to see addressed, my votes are for:

#1061, #16206: Better support for <Q> element, with "curly quotes" and smart treatment of nested quotes.

#2800: Smart use of LINK elements.

(These aren't really "bugs", per se, but they *are* important areas of standards compliance that are noted in "Bugzilla".)