CNet On Communicator 5.0 Delay

Wednesday October 6th, 1999

A number of people sent in links to this news of Communicator 5.0's "delay" at CNet.

According to CNet's Paul Festa, who seems unable or unwilling to write a positive Netscape piece, "Netscape is far behind its main browser competitor, Microsoft, in two areas where it once led: technology and market share. Although it commanded about 80 percent of the desktop browser market just a few years ago, Netscape is now down to a minority position." Paul goes on to cite anonymous sources who provided him with information on XUL and a new email/IM hybrid scheme.

#4 I don't get it...

by Ben_Goodger

Wednesday October 6th, 1999 1:28 PM

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download a nightly build? and do some REAL research for once instead of relying on everyone else to do it for him? obviously you think our Mr Festa is something other than what he is, a true journalist ;)