CNet On Communicator 5.0 Delay

Wednesday October 6th, 1999

A number of people sent in links to this news of Communicator 5.0's "delay" at CNet.

According to CNet's Paul Festa, who seems unable or unwilling to write a positive Netscape piece, "Netscape is far behind its main browser competitor, Microsoft, in two areas where it once led: technology and market share. Although it commanded about 80 percent of the desktop browser market just a few years ago, Netscape is now down to a minority position." Paul goes on to cite anonymous sources who provided him with information on XUL and a new email/IM hybrid scheme.

#12 Unlikely

by badben

Wednesday October 6th, 1999 2:57 PM

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Although that is indeed possible, I don't think so. 1. IM is an always-running app (at least during online time). Messengers (or that of any other sophistcated MUA) footprint is too big for that. 2. Paul states "Netscape has chosen...". As I see NS/AOL relations, AOL would have implemented that or would have NS directed to do so.