MozillaZine on Browser Standards

Tuesday October 5th, 1999

Dan Shafer of has a new article on standards compliance.

Dan writes, "there have been some key defections from the ranks of Mozilla's leadership and a noticeable slowing of development efforts". From what I have seen, none of the "defections" have been of "key" employees, nor has the development slowed one iota. But Dan gets back into my good graces, however, by stating "I sometimes use the new, unreleased Netscape browser-to-be for hours at a time."

Thanks to Kendal Van Dyke for the news.

#10 Key defection: JWZ

by Ben_Goodger

Wednesday October 6th, 1999 3:18 AM

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I think what was implied was that none of the said "defections" (I prefer "resignations", its less inflamatory) have set the project schedule back.