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Saturday October 2nd, 1999

We don't yet have an archive page for logs of developer chats, but you can get the log of the Nisheeth Ranjan/Vidur Apparao XML/DOM chat by clicking here.

Thanks to Nisheeth and Vidur, and all who participated!

#2 Other suggestions for people

by MattyT <>

Sunday October 3rd, 1999 1:49 AM

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MozAdmin, you asked us after the chat who we thought would be good people to speak to about things in future chats. I think there was an expression of interest in XPFE.

I suggest that a lot of people would want to speak to people such as Mike Shaver, regarding the setup, behind the scenes and how it is separated from Netscape, especially given certain recent threads. Although you'd better allow 2 hours for this one. =)

You could probably go through the modules and work out some people from each who are willing to participate from each. Then put up a vote for which modules people would like to discuss first. When one is chosen, it should be removed from voting for at least 10 or so chats to give others a chance.

Don't forget the independent people, I imagine PNG and MathML who be great chats.

Maybe you might put yourself up for questions, regarding MZ's history, inner runnings and future. Maybe you could get some good suggestions!