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Friday October 1st, 1999

So, I finally got off my duff, and went to work on the screenShots page. All the pictures are from TODAYS (!) build. So, if you are wary of running Mozilla (you shouldn't be, but who knows) check out the updated page. It has all sorts of new features, like pictures of the DOM Viewer, the Cookie Manager, and a shot of a view-source feature that people have wanted since the first version. Be sure to check it out!

UPDATE: More Browser screens added, along with Editor screenshots!

#18 Accessibility is key

by Anon

Thursday October 7th, 1999 2:14 PM

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That's weird. I rarely use the mouse when using Netscape 4.x. A hit of the tab key gets me into the location window where I type the URL and hit [ENTER], CTRL+M for a mail or news composition, CTRL+K to check spelling and CTRL+ENTER to send, I tab through links and between form fields, use CTRL+N for new navigator windows. I use T to advance to the next unread thread in a newsgroup, or N for the next unread message, CTRL+R for reply, CTRL+T to get new messages, etc. etc.