New Screenshots Posted...

Friday October 1st, 1999

So, I finally got off my duff, and went to work on the screenShots page. All the pictures are from TODAYS (!) build. So, if you are wary of running Mozilla (you shouldn't be, but who knows) check out the updated page. It has all sorts of new features, like pictures of the DOM Viewer, the Cookie Manager, and a shot of a view-source feature that people have wanted since the first version. Be sure to check it out!

UPDATE: More Browser screens added, along with Editor screenshots!

#11 Nope, and I can't post to the ngs either ...

by Anon

Saturday October 2nd, 1999 11:44 PM

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`Network disk space used: 5.79 Mb ... Please try to keep to a limit of 2 Mb.'

No, I really don't have room for it, sorry. :-)

And as for posting to the ngs, the university NNTP server doesn't carry those groups, and the proxy doesn't allow me to connect to the external news server ...

Time to hit Deja/Remarq, I guess. :-)

-- mpt