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Friday October 1st, 1999

So, I finally got off my duff, and went to work on the screenShots page. All the pictures are from TODAYS (!) build. So, if you are wary of running Mozilla (you shouldn't be, but who knows) check out the updated page. It has all sorts of new features, like pictures of the DOM Viewer, the Cookie Manager, and a shot of a view-source feature that people have wanted since the first version. Be sure to check it out!

UPDATE: More Browser screens added, along with Editor screenshots!

#10 XUL competition?

by design4use

Saturday October 2nd, 1999 11:33 PM

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Actually we do have multiple Usability and User Interface Design groups here at Netscape. I realize that we have a long way to go before we have a final polish on all the dialogs, widgets etc. But if you consider the enourmous tasks to develop a brand nw environment, while a revolutionary toolkit underneath is still in flux, I am sure you will cut us some slack. As we greatly value your input, I'd encourage you to send your concrete feedback to netscpae.public.mozilla.xpfe(widgets, toolkit etc) or to netscape.public.mozilla.ui (general ui issues). Our group members while not always able to answer due to time reasons, do read every message, and with the help of the net well will evolve and improve this platform. So go ahead, kick the tires and let us know where it hurts, German Bauer Netscape User Experience Group