Context Menus And More!

Thursday September 30th, 1999

FrodoB writes, "Contextual menus landed in the past few days, thanks to some great work by Bill Law. Sans some bugs, the Lizard has just gotten a good deal closer to generally usable."

The context menus are a tad slow as of yet, but that should change soon. Also, you can make a selection and scroll the page with it. There are still bugs, but it's a great help, and brings Mozilla one step closer towards becoming a daily-use browser. Check out the recent nightly builds for your platform when you get a chance, and submit bug reports!

Also, the developers will be putting out an M10 release after all, and it should show up on the FTP site in a few days. According to a recent post in the newsgroups, they have done a little schedule restructuring and are shooting for a 12/15/99 Mozilla beta release. [note that this isn't a Communicator beta - that will occur later]

#16 Context Menus And More!

by zontar

Saturday October 2nd, 1999 12:54 PM

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I'm running 19990982412 for Windows. Do I need to be using a particular build to get the context menus? Will these be in M10 or do we have to wait until #11 to get this functionality in a Milestone release?

Otherwise, speed and stability improvements are much in evidence, especially on startup. (Except that I had to switch back to Communicator to I could post this.) Keep up the good work, coders...