Context Menus And More!

Thursday September 30th, 1999

FrodoB writes, "Contextual menus landed in the past few days, thanks to some great work by Bill Law. Sans some bugs, the Lizard has just gotten a good deal closer to generally usable."

The context menus are a tad slow as of yet, but that should change soon. Also, you can make a selection and scroll the page with it. There are still bugs, but it's a great help, and brings Mozilla one step closer towards becoming a daily-use browser. Check out the recent nightly builds for your platform when you get a chance, and submit bug reports!

Also, the developers will be putting out an M10 release after all, and it should show up on the FTP site in a few days. According to a recent post in the newsgroups, they have done a little schedule restructuring and are shooting for a 12/15/99 Mozilla beta release. [note that this isn't a Communicator beta - that will occur later]

#12 Moz Beta late DECEMBER?

by Anon

Friday October 1st, 1999 10:23 PM

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The thing to remember is that "Joe Public" is a sheep. People tend to do whatever the mainstream media says is best.

IE is so popular because anytime someone does a "browser shoot-out" or whatever comparison they always say how IE completely whips Netscape's rear.

One of the Mac mags did a comparison and Netscape came out on top for various reasons. They've really neglected the Mac as of late it doesn't do proportional scroll bars or even conform to Platinum. It's still my browser of choice regardless.

If Mozilla is as good and fast as everyone is hoping it is and the mags/internet sites give it a fair shake than Mozilla can and will pick up PC market share. Mac share is practicaly a given and it's a no contest under Linux/Be.

If it remains a compact download than it's acceptance will be all the swifter.

I just hope they "localize" it's chrome for their respective OSs binaries. That purpleish look is kinda odd and may be a turn off as well as the non-standard widgets.

Mike S.