Developer Chat At #mozillazine on

Thursday September 30th, 1999

We're having a developer chat tomorrow (Friday, October 1) between 2 and 3pm PDT (GMT-0700) in the #mozillazine channel at Nisheeth Ranjan is our guest developer, and he will be discussing XML, so if you have questions regarding XML in Mozilla, or are interested in finding out more about it, be sure to show up tomorrow.

#5 StarOffice has killer browser??

by Anon

Thursday September 30th, 1999 1:20 PM

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This is way off topic, but I don't know where to post. I just downloaded StarOffice 5.1 on NT to give it a try and found it had a browser embedded (what doesn't nowadays?). I was amazed to find it is rather darn fast, and passed both of my preliminary smoke tests off the bat (Slashdot and Mirabilis). In fact, it reflows Mirabilis /really/ fast when resizing the window. I know Mozilla does this also, and Mozilla isn't optimized, but really this StarOffice browser is fast. It probably doesn't have good statndards support, or Java or Javascript, but it renders amazingly fast. Makes me wonder what the guys at Sun are up to (and why their HotJava browser isn't as up to speed).