MozillaZine Reader Review Section Now Online!

Wednesday September 29th, 1999

MZ is proud to announce that its Reader Review section is now online, and accepting reviews on practically every topic under the sun. If you have an opinion you want to share with us on a movie you saw, or a Mozilla build you played around with, or a new CD that's been in your CD player for a month, the Reader Review section is for you. You need to be a member to submit a review, but anyone can contribute their own opinions to the talkback forums of the existing reviews.

Also, we're giving away 10 stuffed Mozillas to the first 10 members to submit 5 reviews of 400 words or more. So, if you have a lot of opinions, you now have a place to express them, and you can earn yourself a cool Mozilla in the process. Visit our Reader Review section to read more about how the whole process works and the particulars of the Mozilla giveaway, and then start sending in your reviews!

We'd like to thank Dave Titus for the great Mozilla art that adorns our new section. Be sure to check out Dave's website when you get a moment, too. He has some cool Mozilla illustrations that you may not have seen.

I hope you enjoy the new area, and if you have any questions or comments, please email me at

UPDATE:Our first review is in, from Ethan Piliavin. Check it out!

#9 MozillaZine Reader Review Section Now Online!

by Ben_Goodger

Friday October 1st, 1999 6:52 AM

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I dont mind the size of these boxes at all. Even though I'm at 800x600, they're still small, but not unusable. I've seen worse on forums (like ones that are too wide and too short). This system is a good motivation to keep posts succinct and to the point ;)