4.7 Out

Tuesday September 28th, 1999

4.7 is out and available and available for download here. Get it while it's hot.

#73 Fullsoft.dll error

by Anon

Tuesday October 5th, 1999 7:27 AM

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After installing 4.7 I had an error in the Fullsoft.dll module.

This was fixed by deleting the folder Data in Communicator/Program/FullSoft

Before the update I had installed 4.6. I downloaded the cc32e47.exe. Via the Controllpanel I uninstalled Netscape and the RealPlayer and runned the program cc32e47.exe

Running the Mail client or the Browser both caused error in the Fullsoft.dll, but all worked fine after deleting the folder Data.

It seems like you can delete the folder before the install or after. Both will work.

Best regards, Herman Ransborg <>