4.7 Out

Tuesday September 28th, 1999

4.7 is out and available and available for download here. Get it while it's hot.

#67 I'm kind of switching to IE

by Anon

Friday October 1st, 1999 8:25 AM

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I've stuck with Netscape for years, but lately I've been using IE quite a bit. The reason is that IE resizes pages on-the-fly without contacting the server, and you all know how Netscape does it.

Also IE's engine seems to start displaying pages much faster, and it counts when I'm on the road using a modem.

I really can't wait until "the" Netscape uses the Mozilla HTML engine, it will make it so much better. However, I notice that a lot of the pages I look at (e.g. <>, <>) look good in Netscape 4.x and IE, but don't look good in Mozilla.

This is alarming to me, are we going to get 100% standards-compliance at the price of web pages which are designed around the quirks of IE/NS4.x not displaying correctly?

A big price to pay IMO.