4.7 Out

Tuesday September 28th, 1999

4.7 is out and available and available for download here. Get it while it's hot.

#64 Guess it depends on the system

by leafdigital

Friday October 1st, 1999 7:04 AM

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IE5 never crashes for me - that said, I use it less than Netscape. But I do know several people who've actually said that they switched to IE precisely because they were fed up with NS crashing, and they're now much happier... *shrugs*. I guess it depends on the system, maybe on some systems IE5 isn't reliable [a buggy installer maybe?].

Re security issues, Netscape had a "oh look, a web page can run any native code on Windows" security bug a few weeks ago, didn't it? (Unless that was overhyped, anyhow.) Hopefully that has been fixed as part of the 4.7 upgrade. I agree Netscape *is* probably more secure and there have been far fewer holes discovered - because there's slightly less to go wrong (no ActiveX) and because Netscape isn't a target in the way Microsoft is. It would be even more secure to use Opera, say - or a current Mozilla build - because no hacker is going to bother targetting those, at least not seriously intending to exploit anything, while usage remains very low...